Delta Sky Club MSP: A Bloody Mary Under Construction


The real time blogging begins with a review of the Delta Sky Club MSP. Per usual, I’m in the back of a Delta flight on my way back to New York City. 

With only one hour to make my connection, I had just enough time for a quick stop at the Delta Sky Club MSP which is currently under construction. I understand that MSP is a Delta hub so there are a lot of Delta elites and Amex Platinum cardholders that need a lounge to rest and relax. Having just one functional lounge in the entire airport would make the other Delta lounge even more crowded. Having said that, I am ready for this lounge to be renovated. In its present state, it is a glorified bus station. 

There’s self-serve coffee and water out like a construction site, a trough of snacks that are unappetizing, and a liquor selection that makes sobriety seem wortwhile. 

Not one to pass on a drink, I made myself a fancy Bloody Mary, utilizing the ingredients at my disposal. This included Stoli vodka, quite possibly the worst pre-mix, and an ample amount of green olives. As I poured my mix from one glass to another and back again, a few people gathered around to watch what I was doing. If you thought taking photos of a lounge was awkward, imagine receiving drink requests when you’re not on the clock. 

Despite my best efforts, the Bloody Mary was not very good. I took a few sips and tossed it. 

Now I’m off to New York. 


  1. While at MSP forget the Delta lounge. Try the Escape Lounge which is part of the Priority Pass. It is a way better experience in my opinion.

  2. Well it is has been a little over a year that you had problems with the MSP (C Concourse) Sky Club and enjoying a decent bloody mary while you were travelled through MSP. Like I mentioned on your blog on 11-19-15 you need to maybe give the MSP Sky Clubs a little more credit than your bartending skills and/or having to have to make your own bloody mary. I do enjoy your blog but surprise us once with being content with a decent MSP Sky Club experience. Happy Holidays Snowball

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