The 28,674 Mile Trip In [Mostly] Premium Is Underway!


The Year of the Monkey Trip Report covers the following places:

TPOL 2.5 has officially launched. The website looks the same but my approach is different. I will be writing this trip report in real-time instead of pretending I will write one when I return. Some may say, go on vacation, enjoy yourself, forget the blog. I disagree. I think I will be able to savor more of my vacation if I take timeout to write posts on the go.

And ‘on the go’ is where I am going. Checkout the Great Circle Mapper which has me crisscrossing Asia for no particular reason for a total distance flown of 28,674 miles.


I will try to pay attention to grammar and keep the posts substantive but sometimes I observe something and I want to share a quick recap. Inevitably, that gets a ‘this post was such a waste of my time’ response. This begs the question, “Isn’t it easier to just click onto the next post than to waste your time writing a comment?”

I hope you enjoy my new way of doing things. Let’s see how it goes.


  1. In Guangzhou, Check out the miles of underground mall by the train station closest to the sheraton GZ and if the weather is decent, check out the huge public space leading up to the soccer stadium (also by the S) you can watch a hundred kids roller skating between the old ladies doing their synchronized dancing.

  2. Looking forward to reading these trip reports. Where are you staying in Jakarta? I’m going in end of January. I’m seriously considering hiring the police escort while there. Douchey, I know but certainly a bucket list item!

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