Champagne, Cigars, Caviar? The Most Clever Lounge Perk


Best Lounge Perk is part of The Year of the Monkey Trip Report which covers the following places:

I’ve been to some great lounges in my day (see all Lounge Reviews). Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai has great food, an abundance of drinks, and plenty of place to sleep but that’s to be expected. The same can be said of Singapore Airlines’ Private Room. Instead of writing about fine dining, I would like to point out lounges that have creative offerings. I will start in reverse order.

10. Amex Centurion Lounge LGA: Welcome Back to NYC

Centurion LGA was the first lounge to have premium cocktails. And they tasted good.

9. Brussels Airlines THE LOFT Lounge: Buffet of Beers

All my favorite beers under one lounge roof? And for breakfast?

8. Virgin Atlantic Lounge London Heathrow: We Be Clubbin!

So many features in this lounge including waiters who came by (far too frequently) and a rooftop lounge.

7. Turkish Airlines Business Class: Where Costco Meets Chuck E. Cheese (The old one is better than the new one).

Care for a game of pool?
The old Turkish lounge was ahead of its time, offering an assortment of food and games to keep everyone entertained.

6. Delta Sky Club JFK: Hot Dog Eating Contest 

This clever offering made for a clever post.

5. Delta Sky Club SFO: The Best Pho Real

2 good posts about Delta? When they offer TPOL’s favorite food in a lounge, I have to give them their props.

4. Etihad Arrivals Lounge: Time for a Proper Shave

2015-11-16 18.01.27
No one should show up scruffy in Abu Dhabi.

3. Fore! The PGA MSP Airport, Simply Awesome

Priority Pass makes the list by offering a golf simulator with TPOL’s clubs.

2. ​Cathay Pacific’s Champagne Bar And Lounge

As much champagne as I want? How can it get better?
  1. The Cigar Bar at the Etihad First Class Lounge 
Smoking a premium cigar with a proper cognac in an airport lounge? Come on, this isn’t real.


  1. Big fan of #9, but please don’t call those beers in the middle Lef-AY. 😉
    Believe it or not, I’ve had US bartenders correct me when I request a “lef”.

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