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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Cathay Business HKG-EWR: Not First, But It’s a Solid Second

Cathay Business Hong Kong EWR is part of The Year of the Monkey Trip Report which covers the following places:

Cathay, Cathay, Cathay. I love you but I do not like your business class flights and I’ve complained about it.

I wanted to give long-haul back to the US a chance, but there would be no way that I would skip the opportunity of flying first when that option was available. Luckily, Cathay’s flight from Hong Kong to EWR does not have a first-class cabin. While I was envious of passengers flying first somewhere close by on a different plane, I took solace in knowing that there was no one on this plane that had it better than I.


Since it’s business class, there is no Krug. a menu of wine and wine

Krug or not, I never tire of taking these iconic photos:
two glasses of juice and a glass of orange juice on a table in a plane a tv on a table in an airplane a person's feet in a chair with a television and a screen


The food was better than my other Cathay business experiences.
a plate of food and a glass of water on a table a plate of food and glasses of water a plate of fruit and crackers on a table a cup of coffee and a strawberry

a container of ice cream
I won’t complain about ice cream.
a burger and fries on a plate
Or about burgers!


Since it’s business class, the seats did lie flat. I have no complaints about airplane with seats and a television a row of chairs in a plane a seat with a seat belt and a pillow on the side of the seat a screen on the side of an airplane


Ballers is also available in business.
a man smiling with his eyes closed


Business or first, Cathay still delivers.

a group of small bottles and small packages on a table
And that delivery includes my favorite chapstick, Jurlique.


a phone with a screen and buttons
Cathay Business Hong Kong to EWR

Nobody wants to go to New Jersey (see Newark, New Jersey: The Discarded Mistress). If you do have to go, flying Cathay is not a bad way to get there.

Cathay Business Hong Kong EWR is part of The Year of the Monkey Trip Report.



  1. Cathy Business Class is not that great. the soft product sucks! small portions, and they run out of substantial snacks fast (because of the small portions).

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