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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Cathay Business HKG-SYD: No Orchids Says It All

Disclaimer: TPOL was compensated for providing a referral link for Jurlique, my favorite lip balm. 

Cathay Pacific Business Class Review HKG SYD is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

This review will be as brief as the flight. Though the flight time was 9.5 hours, it felt much shorter. I boarded the plane, took the requisite photo of the seat, tried to enjoy the business class champagne, and promptly fell asleep.a glass of champagne next to a glass of orange juice

The flight departed at 9:25PM, so dinner was served first. I slept right through it. I can’t tell you how the steak would have been.

Didn’t touch it though the selection was the same as my JFK-HKG flight.a close up of a device a screen with a map on it

They let me sleep and didn’t wake me like they do on some airlines to ask me if I want food.a person's feet on a television

After a seven hour snooze, I woke up in time to order breakfast. Like my HKG-BKK flight on Cathay business, the plate came out too hot. It’s clear that it was zapped in the microwave without adequate care given in preparation.a tray of food on a tray

I like the amenities in business more than first. Jurlique is the best lip balm.a group of items on a table

Business vs. First
Cathay first was 15.5 of the best hours that life can be. It’s worth resting the night before the flight to take advantage of everything offered (see Flying Business or First? Don’t Rage the Night Before). Like the Pier business lounge, business class does not compare ‎to first. First is that much better. In first, there are six suites. In business there are 39 seats. Obviously, personal attention cannot be given because of the volume of people. In first, the seat is turned into a bed. In business, there is no mattress. Push the button, lie flat, and pass out. One advantage of that is not having to wait for the bed to be prepared. It’s more comfortable in first, but it’s more convenient in business. Most importantly, in first there is Krug. In business there is Piper Heidsieck NV Brut, which is better suited for mimosas rather than leisurely sipping. a seat in a plane

Let me be clear: Cathay business is nice. It certainly trumps having to sit in cargo (see Points in the Front, Peasants in the Back). But first, first is the only way to live.

a white cabinet with a metal handle
No orchid says it all


  1. Appreciate the review, but you come off SOOO stuck up after reading it. I follow you, and don’t think you are, but it does sound a little snooty.

  2. My wife and I flew Cathay first from the US a couple of weeks ago, and noticed that there was no orchid. Ditto for our connecting flight to Bangkok. We’ll see on the return.

      • Sadly, that’s a negative, ghost rider. An Alaska award, so we’d get plenty of nothing. Still amazing, though. In around ten days, we’re flying back on Cathay’s wonderful sale from Vietnam, so it should be interesting to see what happens there.

  3. Flew business round trip HKG to SYD in early January. Service was outstanding. The IFE had very good selections. The drink menu was very good as well. To critique that “Piper Heidsieck NV Brut, which is better suited for mimosas rather than leisurely sipping.” reeks of being spoiled,

  4. Since you slept through most of the flight, why bother to post this non-review? I really don’t need someone to tell me that first is better than biz.

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