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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Hangover = Blogger Malpractice?

Hangover = Blogger Malpractice? is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

‎When I write flight or hotel reviews, I focus on the essentials: how was the bed, how was the booze, and, if it’s free, how was the breakfast (see TPOL Paid for Breakfast! And…). I don’t take dozens of photos of the inside of an airplane or a dozen photos of the hotel gym that I rarely use. I recognize that not everyone who reads my blog has my exact interests. That is why I try my best to take an extra picture of the toilet or a close up of the airplane carpet. I don’t want readers feeling short-changed and, contrary to some comments, I want readers to come back for more.

Having said that, sometimes libations get in the way of my blogging responsibilities (see Courtyard Hong Kong Hotel Review). It’s not that I don’t want to take pictures of the artwork in the lobby, it’s that due to health concerns, I am not able to. Take my Cathay Business HKG-SYD post. I passed out right after I boarded the plane and slept for seven hours straight. In doing so, I skipped dinner and will not be able to tell you if the Australian tenderloin with sides of this and that were tasty.

Letting partying get in the way of my blogging duties may amount to malpractice. If this were a ‘real’ job, it also may mean that I need to do some serious evaluation of my lifestyle choices. Fortunately, blogging is not meant to be taken too seriously. What I may lack in one post, I try to make up for in the totality of all the posts for a trip report. I rationalize that documenting every step of the journey makes up for the occasional incomplete post. If there were a case of malpractice to be made, it would be for not finishing reports for trips that I completed years ago (see Writing Trip Reports: How Old Is Too Old?).

a glass of champagne next to a glass of orange juice
The only critical photo for a flight review


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