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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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TPOL Paid for Breakfast! And…

After the beef jerky got old, after my limbs went numb, I realized I was in need of sustenance so I caved and splurged for the $20 breakfast buffet. Curiously, the price went up to $40 because I did not confirm that I wanted breakfast the day of my arrival. Sorry (but not sorry) to report that the breakfast was pretty awful. There were drosophila melongaster on the fruit, the eggs were soggy, and the spread was very basic. #factsonly

Normally, I wouldn’t dedicate a blog post on my least favorite meal of the day but I thought it would be good fun to antagonize the angry commentators who went out of their way to call me ‘cheap’, ‘pathetic’ and even a ‘pos’. This was a result of my previous post where I expressed my surprise that being an IHG platinum does not mean breakfast is included. I don’t stay with IHG frequently and do not know the terms of the program, another point at which the commentators took exception.

Despite the mediocrity of my breakfast, I have to say that today was a great day. I spent the afternoon sipping champagne with my new best friend while soaking in the sun.

Manziel $$$ signs
Manziel $$$ signs
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Duck the haters
Best $30 pizza I've ever bought
Best $30 pizza I’ve ever bought


  1. I used to hate your blog. Maybe about a month or two ago I started coming around a bit. Now…I’m a fan, I get you…I think. Anyway, f Alex. Walk around the club, f everybody

    • Thank you…I think. I’m an acquired taste I guess. Funny comment. I’m glad I got someone who gets it instead of the aggressive comments. Points devalue too fast to take this so seriously.

  2. I don’t get it? Isn’t the whole point of using points to be a cheap bastard? Do some of these clowns that use points strut around the Etihad F lounge jonesing like they’re some kind of big time revenue passenger? I giggle every time I see these guys

  3. I enjoy your blog as well…you have a great sense of humor!! Let the haters hate… Can I ask an unrelated question? The duck floaties and boogie boards – did the IC have them to loan out, or did you buy them in Bora Bora? Headed there next month with my two kids and wondering what I need to bring.

    • I bought them on Amazon. I wanted a duck for the Maldives but couldn’t find it when I went. Now if you look on Amazon you can find flamingos and all sorts of wildlife! There was a supreme pizza but it literally cost more for extra toppings. The resort inflated them for us which was awesome because the duck couldn’t be blown up manually.

    • I commit points nerds heresy by answering this question. If I said I redeemed Amex points on Amazon then the answer would be yes. If I said I didn’t switch my auto pay from my SPG Amex to my Amex platinum to get double points then I’ll surely be scolded.

      TPG values Amex MR at 1.9 cents and SPG at 2.5 cents but there I go again being lazy and leaving points on the table.

      The answer is no to your rhetorical question but now I’m actually regretting not making the cc switch haa

        • The duck of course. Anyone who knows anything about points and miles knows the breakfast wasn’t. You’d have to be some pathetic, cheap, pos not to know that, right?

  4. I think the duck makes it all worthwhile – although… vynil in the south Pacific ? Adds more to your carbon footprint than your flight … Question – could you possibly use AMEX points to buy carbon offsets? (You might have a business idea there tbird!)

    • Haa. Just saw your email address. How are you doing? How’s the world of plastics? I just went to Dubai for the first time since tbird…

      • Things are great a little teaching a little plastics business and a continuous effort to make it look like Inever work! ! Much less ambitious travel tham you .. Always check your blog to make up for it!
        Will wait to read about Dubai – we only scratched the surface then!

        • Haa! Great to hear. I try to get away as much as possible and strive to write content worth reading. Perhaps I’ll see you at one of these Tbird first Tuesdays somewhere in the world.

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