Bondi to Bronte: How to Spend A Day in Sydney


Bondi Bronte is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

With one day in Sydney and because this was the second time I’ve been here, the only place I wanted to be was the beach*.

Getting There

There are two options for getting there:

1. Take Uber.
2. Take the bus.

On the way there, I chose the former because it only takes 20 minutes without stops. On the way back, I was in n‎o hurry and Uber was surging. I bought an Opal card at the EZmart for $10 and waited for bus 380 to arrive. Unlike my Hong Kong airport experience, this time I got on the right bus**.

Bondi to Bronte


*Although I live in Puerto Rico, I’m not a beach person. The concept of relaxing eludes me. Also, I never have the supplies needed for a day at the beach– towels, football, surfboard. When I arrived at Bondi, I decided that sitting in sand was not the way I wanted to spend the afternoon. I went on a scenic trek from Bondi to Bronte with a stop at Tamarama Park.


Tamarama Park

This is a must for anyone visiting Bondi and a regular routine for local running enthusiasts. To celebrate this accomplishment, I went for a tandoori pizza, espresso, and bottle of wine before heading back to Bondi.


Return surfing

TPOL’s Tip: Ripoff alert – Two bottles of water at the EZmart cost $7.50AUD. No idea if this was tourist price gouging or if this is the most expensive place in the world to buy water.

**Like Home Alone 2, I did it again. ‎I took the bus to Bondi Junction which is explicitly what the website said not to do. From there, I took the metro which was actually better than an overcrowded bus and terrible traffic. TPOL and busses is like TPOL and Visa Troubles.


  1. I really recommend that you do it the opposite direction: Bronte to Bondi!

    It’s an easy walk that I did with my mom when she was 85, and we finished with lunch at The Iceberg Club (that’s their swimming pool in the 2nd photo).

    It’s a private club, but you can join for the day with an ID and enjoy lunch overlooking all of Bondi Beach and the surfboarders!

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