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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Flying Business or First? Don’t Rage the Night Before

Flying business or First? is part of the Round The Atlantic Trip Report.

It was Friday night in Madrid, only it wasn’t time to party. It was time to be in bed nice and early in preparation for my business class day ahead. If this were a peasant flight, I’d be out until 6AM in the hopes that I make my flight and pass out in a crooked position for ten hours (see The Kama Sutra of Airplane Sleep: Surviving a 17 Hour Flight). Instead, I wanted to be well rested for too much time at the lounge and hours of pampering. My first time flying Emirates Suite Class, my BAC was more alcohol than the former which made the shower pleasant but the ride a bit rough. Since then, I’ve tried to be in tip top shape in order to appreciate the trip. This includes not eating any wild foods (see Food Tour Marrakech) before flying because you never know when food poisoning will hit (see Hyatt Sharm el-Sheikh Wants My Stool Sample).

Do I regret missing another night of partying in Madrid (see Madrid Party Guide: Out All Hours)? As a raging alcoholic, you know I did. But at least I got to enjoy my Iberia business class flight to Chicago.

TPOL’s TIP: Subject to availability, don’t book flights in the AM on the weekend from a big city.

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  1. I’ve made that mistake dozens of times, but the worst was leaving Berlin after a long weekend. TXL-AMS-LAX in business…I couldn’t eat on the flight home and got sick in the middle. They had to help me push my button to put my seat up hahahahaha poor things I’m sure they thought they were going to catch something from me. And the smell…….hahaha

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