Madrid Party Guide: Out All Hours

A fun night out can elevate a city from good to great. The evening started with my trembles at Tigre for tapas.
With a healthy buzz, I left Chueca in search of Cavas Bajas, a street lined with restaurants and pubs. Along the way, I stopped for some red wine, garlic shrimp, beer, and cured meats.
Stop 1: El Abuelo 
Stop 2: La Latina Neighborhood
When you see the metro stop for La Latina, you know that Cava Baja is close.
Stop 3: Matador 
When I arrived, I treated myself to more drinks and cured meats.
Almost Stop 4: Taco Bell 
Stop 4: Club Fortuny 
Drinking and eating at one tapa bar after another, I knew it was time to take my Madrid experience to the next level. The first club happened to be pre-teen night. Madrid’s spoilest were standing outside a venue smoking cigarettes being cool. I struck up a conversation with a chap who didn’t look like he was twelve. He said he was going to a club called Fortuny. I jumped in the taxi and told the driver to take me there as well.
It was 15 euros to get in and drinks were also pricey but the music was good and the outside patio was packed. After more drinking, dancing, and nonsense talk with whomever would listen, I glanced at my phone to check the time. Somehow it was 4:30AM. It was time for TPOL to call it a night.
madrid party guide
Stop 5
I tried to find kebab but had no luck.
My goal in every city is to eat, drink, and party like a local. The worst thing is when I end up at a tourist trap bar (see Saigon) when I know somewhere in the city, there’s a M1NT Shanghai where people are merry.


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