Uber One Madrid: My Review of Tesla


Uber was surging when I was in Madrid so I picked Uber One. There are so many variations of Uber that I don’t even know what is what. I was half expecting a self driving car to show up. Instead, a Model T or whatever it is called came by. The car looks polished from inside and out and the driver was smartly dressed in a black suit. Before I discuss the ride, a quick note on Tesla and Elon Musk. I’ve said a lot of negative things about Tesla in the past. The cars could not get off the assembly line in time and were aesthetically unappealing. I was never a big fan of Elon Musk either. His ideas either catch on fire or blow up like Kim Jung Un before they get off the ground. (see Space X explosion and Tesla fires)

The Emblem 
I especially hate the Tesla emblem. What is that ugly T? It not timeless like Mercedes or regal like Rolls royce. It looks like the H from Honda.

The Sound System 
The sound system was smooth but not crisp like BMW Harman Kardon. Maybe this model didn’t have premium sound.

The Vehicle 
The car itself still has a long way to go. The exterior tries to be sporty but it has no identity. Is it going for the Jaguar look or some sporty disaster designed by Ford? The interior looks like it was designed by a GM. The chrome accents are cheap. The massive display is useful for Uber drivers but again, not the greatest in terms of style. The driver’s dash is all electronic. I envision it blanking out over time.

The Ride 
While it lacks the sophistication of luxury cars, it impressed by getting off the line quickly and smoothly. This was my first time in a Tesla and the first time using Uber One. The driver knew that I was intrigued by the car and let me take pictures with it after the fact. That was a nice gesture.
Overall Uber One Tesla Experience 
I feel better about myself for being environmentally conscious but I don’t think I’ll be buying a Tesla any time soon.


  1. Dude seriously why are you such a douche? Tesla’s are decent cars, but more importantly – if you’re so fancy that you expect to have a Rolls Royce pick you up – why are you booking an Uber?!

    • Your comment makes no sense. I use uber black or pool bc I don’t care what car picks me up. Sorry I dont like tesla. And sorry you have to insult me to make a point.

  2. I think the car is stunningly attractive, but that’s just me.Never having been in a Tesla, I can’t answer for the sound system, etc., but I think I’d try it out for general interest.

  3. This guys review is trash! He clearly hates Tesla and does no research prior to berating them. The logo has a meaning. Amazing car through and through. The interior will get up to speed with Mercedes, etc…. but that’s not what they’re going for at the moment. They’re going for customer satisfaction and simplicity which is where technology is going in general. I get into a Mercedes now and don’t even know where to start there is so many buttons and options. That model is dated. The Model S is sleek and sophisticated. Spaceship like. They’re light years beyond the competition and changing the automotive industry as speak. Hence the reason why EVERY car manufacture is trying to play catch up to attempt to compete.

    • Research or blind Tesla fanboy-dom? Have you ever looked at one up close? They can’t even get their door panels and trim to line up properly. I could fit TPOL’s tiny legs between the gaps in the body panels (dont skip legs day!). They make cool battery technology and are excellent at marketing, but are way behind the traditional OEMs in terms of actual vehicle manufacturing and quality.

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