Complaint Of The Week: Enough World of Hyatt Emails


Where’s the unsubscribe button? I cannot deal with the onslaught of World of Hyatt emails anymore. From featured Weekend Getaways to places no one wants to go and $20 of off Whole Foods is not enough to keep me from hitting the spam button. At least when SPG sends emails, it sends them regarding points promotions or events that may be interesting.

I’m too lazy to partially unsubscribe (if that’s an option) to these sorts of emails, so I either fully unsubscribe or mark them as spam in the off chance that one of the emails may be of use.

And that’s my complaint of the week. Who else is angry?


  1. I sent a message through twitter to Hyatt Concierge and asked about any Q4 promos and they said they had nothing planned as of then. I even mentioned all the other chains had announced something for the fall..

  2. Uhm… stop being member of hyatt chain? If need be, use spg. Otherwise, go to local / non global chain establishment for a local taste and sometimes cheaper price.

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