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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Simply The Best: October 2020

October was nuts. Big Ten season started. And then it ended. And now it’s November. We all know what that means: Michigan will lose to Ohio State (Sorry Harbaugh, College Football Should Be Cancelled). But let’s not forget about the best posts of the month.

  1. TPOL Endorses Biden

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    In April, I wrote Do I Stay Or Do I Go? Thoughts on the Second Covid Wave. Given the travel restrictions, I have no choice but to stay. It’s Donald Trump that has to go.
  2. Champagne, Cigars, Caviar? The Most Clever Lounge Perk

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    Smoking a premium cigar with a proper cognac in an airport lounge? Come on, this isn’t real.
  3. TPOL’s Vacation Post Policy

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    I’m not sure who invented the rule that successful bloggers have to post daily
  4. Testing Positive: TPOL’s Back

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    I don’t know when my last blog post was. Was it two weeks ago? Was it longer? I write blog posts so frequently that I don’t remember. What I do know about is Antifa.
  5. Cathay Business HKG-EWR: Not First, But It’s a Solid Second

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    Nobody wants to go to New Jersey. If you do have to go, flying Cathay is not a bad way to get there.
  6. Let’s Zoom Naked

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    In this COVID nightmare, many of us who work from home can’t be bothered to put on pants.
  7. Marriott Sanya: A Perfect Compromise

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    I would stay at the Marriott because of its location and because of the pool.



    • Fire him already! Been saying it for 2 years and I was called crazy then. Clearly he sucks and is robbing the school. 1-9 versus msu and osu at home!

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