Aloft Brooklyn: Nice When the Price Is Right


Aloft Brooklyn Hotel Review is part of The Year of the Monkey Trip Report which covers the following places:

I once wrote Why Is New York So Expensive?. In that post, I referenced that the Aloft Brooklyn was going for $269 before tax. If you think that is a rip-off for an Aloft, your head may explode when the price shoots up to $800 per night. Alofts are Alofts and they should not cost more than $100. Like Hyatt Place, there’s no real reason to write a review of the American properties since they are basically all the same (contrast with Aloft Bangkok). I only do so for completeness and to point out that Alofts are ideally located. All of this is true for Aloft Brooklyn.


Right next to Sheraton Brooklyn is the Aloft Brooklyn. Pick whichever hotel is cheaper.

Pool Table

Always be prepared to gamble on a game of pool. “Break out Lucille.”


I actually used the gym believing that one round on the treadmill would make up for weeks of overindulgence. It did not.


The best Aloft bar in NY is at the Aloft Downtown. This one looked like any other Aloft bar.


Check the season.


If you’re looking for a real breakfast, Aloft is not the place to be.


The room may be typical but it feels like home.

How many photos do I have with my travel jacket in an Aloft?


If the price is right, the Aloft Brooklyn is a good choice.


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