Aloft Manhattan Downtown: Happy Hours


The Aloft Manhattan Downtown Hotel Review is a continuation of the TPOL in NYC Trip Report.

With the DOW hitting record highs day after day, The Street is in need of a place to celebrate. If you’re a banker or just a lawyer in town on business, consider staying at the Aloft Manhattan Downtown where happy hour lasts late into the night.

I needed one more night to requalify for platinum. Although it was more expensive than the Four Points Long Island City, I chose the Aloft Wall Street to ring in this accomplishment. The Aloft Wall Street is a happening place for a part of town that goes dead after the closing bell.

The Lobby

Ambiance is aplenty in the Aloft Downtown.

The Location 

The hotel is conveniently within walking distance to New York‎ Small Claims Court, the reason for Bachuwa Law’s visit and consequently TPOL’s visit to the Big Apple (see my guide on Frequent Miler for the small claims process). It is also walking distance to the NYSE and other FiDi attractions.

Small Claims hell

The Room

The room is small by Aloft standards but adequate for New York standards. It still has the fun pillows and comfortable bed. Add in a powerful air conditioner and I slept like a baby.

The Bathroom And Amenities

Aloft soap. Aloft coffee. Aloft shower. All good on that front.

The Bar

The best part of the Aloft Wall Street is the WXYZ bar. Unlike most WXYZ bars (see Aloft Abu Dhabi), this one had cocktails worth drinking. I especially enjoyed the Don Julio concoction. Also, unlike most WXYZ bars, this one had a decent crowd of locals coming by after work.

aloft manhattan downtown hotel review


If your NY travel requires you to be in FiDi I would recommend staying at the Aloft Wall Street. It has more atmosphere than the Four Points Downtown and is a kinder price than the Andaz.


  1. YUCK. Small Claims Court! My first law job out of Law School was at that courthouse. Now I’m 2 courts down – the one with the big pillars where Law and Order is being filmed every other day. Call me when you’ll be back in the neighborhood.

      • Mentioned this once, but don’t think you know the spots in the area. Bloomberg’s best bar in the world, Dead Rabbit. Seaport area, Battery Park Marina, Pier A near the SI ferry, Stone St. All have bars, concerts, restaurants happening all week.

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