Medina, Marrakech: Lost in the Labyrinth


Much like a Vegas casino, the Medina, a city within a city, is a labyrinth built to keep people in. Many guidebooks (WikiTravel being my favorite) encourage travelers going to the Medina to download a map of the Medina. TPOL does not concur. Instead of playing it safe, I recommend wandering around from shop to shop, taking abrupt turns without tracking your location, all in an effort to end up lost. From that point, challenge yourself to find your way back to the square without asking for directions.

When that gets old, ask one of the children to show you the way back. Of course, they will demand a lot of money after the fact for doing so. I gave them a few dinar and they started complaining. I gave them a few American coins and they were happy as can be. 


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