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Friday, June 21, 2024

TPOL’s Vacation Post Policy

Yesterday I went on vacation. In this new world of shit, this doesn’t mean hopping on a plane. It means mentally checking out of my daily routine which, despite COVID, is actually productive and fulfilling. Still, I need a break from fighting big companies (visit

What I’m trying to figure out is whether going on vacation now or in the future relieves me of my obligation to blog daily. I used to blog on the go in an attempt not to fall behind on trip reports. I scrapped that idea because I would rather enjoy my trips than spend hours deciding which photo of the hotel soaps I should use. With my staycations, which I expect will last through next spring, I don’t have the burden of trip reports. But does that mean I should spend my free time writing posts?

I’m not sure who invented the rule that successful bloggers have to post daily. TV shows take breaks, late night hosts take weeks off, and the Olympics is every 4 years. Still, people tune in when they’re back on the air. Accordingly, I too will take a sabbatical when it’s vacation. Whether it’s 3 days during the never-ending pandemic or 3 weeks when my normal life resumes, TPOL will go dark. Of course, I reserve the right to break my silence should the need arise.

Like all great entertainers, I will announce when I’m going offline. That way you aren’t constantly hitting refresh in anticipation of my next post.

a kitchen counter with bottles and a blender
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have drinks to drink.




  1. I think most bloggers who feel the need to post daily derive a substantial portion of their earnings from their blog, (if not all), and hence need to grow their engagement in order to make sure they make enough money. Logging off anything work related is more necessary at during this Covid time, because earlier home was like a sanctuary from work (for me at least), but with WFH, home has become an office.

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