Testing Positive: TPOL’s Back


Testing Positive is part of The Lost & Found Year(s): COVID Trip Report.

I don’t know when my last blog post was. Was it two weeks ago? Was it longer? I write blog posts so frequently that I don’t remember. What I do know about is Antifa. And what I can say is that testing whether I didn’t have to break for a vacation (see TPOL’s Vacation Post Policy) was a good idea. That experiment has left me feeling positive. My editor was worried that I would quit, but I assured him that this approach was for my mental well-being. Now that I’m back, expect the same great content as before until my next trip when I’ll be forced to run the Turkey Trot virtually (see Cyberbully? TPOL’s Puerto Rico Turkey Trot (2nd Edition)). Here’s to hoping that the jackass in chief leaves peacefully and doesn’t try any Ohio State shenanigans before January (see The Game: A Wolverine’s Guide For Surviving Columbus).

Me & Corona.


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