Cyberbully? TPOL’s Puerto Rico Turkey Trot (2nd Edition)


Puerto Rico Turkey Trot is part of the TPOL Moves to PR Trip Report.

While the rest of you were asleep, I was up at 4AM AST prepping for the Puerto Rico Turkey Run. Last year, I beat a sneaky runner who tried to sprint past me in the last second (see Puerto Rico Turkey Run: TPOL Wins, Then Trolls). I tried to reach out to him on Twitter this year to propose a rematch. He did not respond.

#cyberbullying #bebest

It’s a good thing Eloy did not show up. TPOL was a runnin’ fool that day. I ended up 64th out of 509 overall and 9th out 50 of in my age group.

My goal was to be under 8 minutes/mile.
I recall the Kelvins flying past me.

I checked the results for Eloy’s name. No sign of him. Maybe next year.

Who’s the turkey now?


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