Simply The Best: November 2019


Michigan’s football season is done (see Fire Harbaugh, Hire Woodson) and this year is almost done. Here are the best posts for November 2019:

  1. Guns & Butter: (Overrated) Beirut Travel Guide

    Marrakech is the most overrated city I have visited. Istanbul is second. Surprisingly and sadly, Beirut is third.
  2. Without Technology, TPOL’s the Creepy Old Guy in Shanghai

    A modern playground for those with technology. Detention for those without.
  3. Airbnb Long-Term? Never Again: My Shanghai Experience

    For long term stays in Shanghai, I will not use Airbnb. The lists are overpriced, the ones I found didn’t include maid service, and the hosts’ idea as to what guests need left much to be desired.
  4. My Duck Up: You Need a Passport for British Virgin Islands

    I arrived at the airport and presented my ID. The ticket agent asked to see my passport. “Passport?” I asked. It did not occur to me to bring my passport.
  5. Taco Bell Shanghai: What an Impostor!

    I recall Taco Bell’s old slogan, “make a run for the border,” something that I would have to do if I wanted real Taco Bell.
  6. Jamaica, Queens: How to Avoid Expensive Hotels in NYC

    If prices are cost prohibitive in the City, I would consider Jamaica, Queens again, even if the hotel is cringe worthy.
  7. Turkish Business IST-PVG: Really, 2-3-2?

    Imagine my outrage when I came aboard Turkish Airlines IST to PVG to find the dreadful 2-3-2 configuration. It was shocking that this route didn’t have a better plane.


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