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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Jamaica, Queens: How to Avoid Expensive Hotels in NYC

Jamaica, Queens is part of the ongoing TPOL in NYC trip report.

Flights to New York from Puerto Rico are becoming increasingly common as Bachuwa Law continues its growth. Expansion notwithstanding, I do not like to pay big rates for hotel rooms (see Thank You Trump! Best Marriott Anniversary Night Redemption), and I do not like to use points for work trips. This time, I thought I would try a new approach: arrive late at night, stay at a hotel near the airport, and leave the following night. I knew I would be exhausted, but this would minimize costs.

Pro: The Price 

I chose to stay at the Lexington Inn at JFK Airport. For $105.75, it was a bargain compared to the $300+ rates I was seeing in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island City.

Con: Getting There a street with cars and buildings in the background

This is an airport hotel without shuttle service. If I didn’t have Amex Uber credit, it would have cost money to get to the hotel. That takes away from the value.

TPOL’s TIP: Make sure the hotel as 24 hour shuttle service before booking.

Con: The Room 

The room looked nice enough but I could not get the TV to work, I could not get the shower to come on, and the cleanliness was suspect.

a bed with a blue and white blanket

Pro: The Location 

It was a five minute walk to the E train. Since I was going downtown, this was ideal.a building with a door open a sign in a subway station

Con: Subway

I hate taking the subway in New York. a group of people on a subway

Pro: Subway

The subway is still the better choice compared to dealing with commuter traffic (see EWR to Brooklyn: Don’t Trust Lyft’s Estimation).


My optimal strategy is to arrive first thing in the morning to NY and leave on a late flight back to PR. That avoids having to pay for a hotel. This time, I was in New York less than 24 hours and saved plenty of money by only booking a night stay. If prices are cost prohibitive in the City, I would consider Jamaica, Queens again, even if the hotel is cringe worthy.

a man in a suit and tie
Not bad for next to no sleep.


  1. Con: Jamaica, Queens is an extremely dangerous area and you could be murdered in the night as you try to sleep.

    Pro: If you survive, you’ll probably be sent home with a nice parting gift of bedbugs to entertain you and your family for weeks to come.

    In other words, this is a horrible suggestion for those who have never set foot in Jamaica, Queens.

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