Expat Life Shanghai: Best VPN China 2019 Is Astrill


Best VPN China 2019 is part of the TPOL in Shanghai Trip Report.

Disclaimer: I get paid if you sign up using my affiliate link. In exchange, you get a kickass VPN that I hope works indefinitely.

I have been posting about my TPOL in Shanghai expat experiment. One necessity while living in Shanghai is having a reliable VPN (see TPOL Alive & Well Thanks to Astrill VPN). I used to use ExpressVPN, but that didn’t work well this time around. I learned about Astrill VPN and never had a problem with it. Without it, I would not be able to blog, check Gmail, or engage in other typical extracurricular activities.

I use it on multiple devices and have found it to be fast. The guessing game of what network to connect to is eliminated as it provides recommendations. There’s also no need to check or uncheck boxes to optimize the VPN, something that ExpressVPN recommended I do without meaningful results.

Before you go to China, make sure you Google the best VPN and cross-reference that with what is happening on the ground. Today Astrill may work well; tomorrow it may be shut down.

best vpn china
Get a VPN or get used to seeing this.


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