Looking to Churn? Move to Puerto Rico


I moved to Puerto Rico last April for the generous tax benefits (see Despacito! TPOL Is Moving to Puerto Rico! Effective Inmediatamente). What I did not expect was a new world of churning. While limited, there are options available to Puerto Rican residents. I recently applied for a United card, not with Chase, but with Santander. The sign-up bonus is only 32.5k but the spend is negligible at 1k. I received this message after applying:

Estimado(a) cliente: Hemos recibido su formulario para tarjeta de crédito y/o préstamo personal. Deseamos indicarle que el mismo será procesado y verificado por nuestros oficiales. De ser necesario podríamos estar comunicándonos con usted en alguno de los números provistos. Más adelante usted estará recibiendo contestación por correo y/o a través de una llamada telefónica. Si tiene alguna duda o desea información adicional de nuestros productos o servicios, puede acceder a través de www.santander.pr o a través de la Superlínea Santander al 787-281-3000

The problem is that TPOL the Polyglot is not fluent enough to call recon in Spanish. If I am approved perhaps it’s time to try Banco Popular’s Avianca card one more time.

If no taxes, beach, and golf aren’t reasons enough to move here, how about a new opportunity to churn?

I used to churn to come to places like this. Now, this is my backyard.


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