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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Despacito! TPOL Is Moving to Puerto Rico! Effective Inmediatamente

TPOL is a liar and a leaker! In my post, Vote Where TPOL Moves Next And I’ll Go There, the winner was Tirana, Albania. There was NO COLLUSION. I repeat, NO COLLUSION. The voters spoke and spoke decisively. So why am I moving to Puerto Rico, effective immediately? Because TPOL is an authoritarian. While TPOL generously provides freedom of speech to his people (feel free to comment anything you want without being censored), TPOL doesn’t necessarily heed the advice of his readers simply because it is left as a comment. That insolence has led to a recurring message from some readers, “This is the last time I’m reading your blog!” Although this blog, like PBS, makes money thanks to viewers like you, the $.0001/click TPOL makes is not enough to change the way the blog is written, let alone mandate me to move to Tirana.

Jokes aside, the reason I’m moving to Puerto Rico is to take advantage of a generous tax exemption for businesses that export their services to the US. While I was able to hit my mins by paying Uncle Sam this past tax season, giving away my hard earned earnings for the pleasure of living in Scottsdale, Arizona is not worth the price of admission. The reason the move is effective immediately is because I need to to be in Puerto Rico for 183 calendar days in order to qualify for the exemption. The residency requirement (along with many others, which I will document in the coming weeks and months) is why this move happened now.

Although I won’t be broadcasting live from Tirana, I am confident that my adventures in Puerto Rico will go a long way to Make Blogging Great Again! 


TPOL, el mejor blogger en todo el mundo.

a hand holding a drink with a straw and a pineapple slice
Despacito! This is how TPOL does it in Puerto Rico!


  1. Such a model leftist. Advocate for higher taxes, then dodge them yourself. What happened to paying your “fair share”?

    • When did I ever advocate for higher taxes? When did I ever say anything about paying my fair share? Econ undergrad, MBA in Finance. Hardline capitalist who does not apologize for it.

      • Thunderbird? Is that even a real school? Whats with these travel bloggers (Live and Lets Fly) going to TTT law schools.

        • Arizona State is where I went to law school. Google that ranking. Thunderbird was the #1 school for international MBA at the time. And rankings don’t mean someone is smart or dumb. Trump went to Wharton.

        • Trump went to Wharton Undergrad, which was poorly ranked at the time (safety undergrad major). Thunderbird is unranked (bottom tier) so unless your source is TPG or Wikipedia, not sure where your getting the “#1 international MBA”.

          Fisher on the other hand is solid b-school. #O-H-I-O

        • I said when I went genius. And you seemed to overlook my law school ranking. How convenient. Again who actually cares? Do you want to see my transcripts and LSAT? How about my GMAT? All that matters is my points balance.

        • TPOL is getting frosty. So you went from a very good undergrad school to mediocre law school to unranked MBA. I’m waiting for Dr. TPOL to graduate from Phoenix University.

          I’m sure you know pedigree matters in Law & Business. But we all know that, otherwise you wouldn’t move to Puerto Rico to save chump change in taxes.

          Inside Thunderbird’s Chronic Decline:

          Even in its best years, its acceptance rate — often hovering in the 70% to 80% range — was much higher than the major business schools, which accept less than 20% of their applicants. So were the average GMAT scores of its entering classes, which tended to range near 600, more than 100 points below the best schools, which typically report scores in the 700-plus range on an entrance test where the highest possible score is 800.

          Yeah #1 International MBA with a 70% acceptance rate and a 600 GMAT average.

  2. Long-time (relatively speaking) reader, first-time commenter. Absolutely NOT the last time I will ever read your blog! Hope your journalism and sense of humor brings happiness to the island. Good luck.

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