Vote Where TPOL Moves in December (For Real This Time)


A month ago, I wrote a post Vote Where TPOL Moves Next! And I’ll Go There. It came as no surprise that the leader in that poll is Tirana, Albania. I’m sure that place received votes because it doesn’t sound like a great place to move (see Mistake of Mongolia). At the same time, there were others that were equally if not more unappealing including random cities in India and China.

Sorry Albania, maybe in the summer.
What does this poll say about how my readers feel about me? 

Today, I went back to NomadList and found that the website had been updated. I used the same criteria as before (fast internet, safe, no snow) and took advantage of the more flexible option for cost of living (above $1000 and below $2000). This time the system popped out a much more refined list. Taking out cities with frozen tundras, and bumping up the safety percentage to over 75% led to ten finalists. I regret to say that Tirana did not make the cut.

Here is the breakdown of the cities followed by the new poll: (This time the Manaforts of the world who tried to rig the last election will be blocked via IP.)

#CityCountryCost of Living per monthTemperature in December (Celsius)Internet Speed (mbps)SafetyNomad Score

4Las Palmas, Gran CanariaSpain$1420212485%91%
5BragaPortugal $1343153982%93%
8Ko SamuiThailand$1400301580%86%
9Lisbon Portugal$1949151180%78%


  1. I heard from friends that have lived in Las Palmas is super cheap and has fast internet.. Too bad no Italian cities made it.. There are plenty of cities that are marginally more expensive than portugal. Sicily or naples, would cover your bases.

    • yeah eff that, i already did albania in mongolia, and i know that the voting was corrupted by a few unmentionables.

  2. Gainesville, Florida to eat crow for a year. Then you can move wherever you wish 🙂 BTW, There’s a UM/UF Grad who owns a cafe in Gainesville and is going to the game (He’s a Wolverine). I told him about your site and he said he would look you up!

  3. lol this is starting to look like an election in some banana republic..
    We will repeat the election until you “vote correctly” and we get the right result!

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