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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Recap: The $23,000 Trip to South America & Africa for 400,000 Points!

Gene, this is the last post in the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report. As with all my trips, I like to publish the Excel of how much I spent in points, how much I paid in cash, and the retail value of the trip. As with all my Excels, I don’t bother posting a key which infuriates some people named Brent.

a screenshot of a computer screen

And here is the recap with one picture per city!

  1. Anywhere, Montana 
a truck with a pile of furniture
The trip coincided with TPOL moving out of Montana.

2. Los Angeles, California

a group of people sitting at a table with drinks
TPOL Stops in Los Angeles

3. Houston, Texas

a plate of food on a tray
TPOL Hungover on United to Cusco

4. Lima, Peru 

two green bottles on a table
TPOL in Cusco Lounge

5. Cusco, Peru 

a man standing on top of a mountain with many stone buildings
TPOL in Machu Picchu

6. La Paz, Bolivia 

a man swinging a golf club
TPOL Golfing in La Paz

7. Salt Flats, Bolivia 

a dinosaur toy with a person running away from it
TPOL in Salt Flats

8. San Pedro, Chile 

a man and woman taking a selfie in front of a sign
TPOL at the Chilean Border

10. Calama, Chile 

a plane on the runway
TPOL in Calama

11. Santiago, Chile 

a collage of a man and a woman
TPOL in Santiago

12. Santa Cruz, Chile 

a collage of different pictures of wine
TPOL in Colchagua

13. Sao Paulo, Brazil 

a passport and glasses of champagne on a table

14. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 

a collage of people on a bridge
TPOL Bungee Victoria Falls

15. Livingstone, Zambia 

two men posing for a picture in front of a waterfall
TPOL in Devil’s Pool, Zambia

16. Chobe National Park, Botswana

two hippos in water

17. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

a tray with glasses of liquid and orange juice on it
The most uncomfortable flight in TPOL history.

18. Nairobi, Kenya 

a collage of food in different pictures
TPOL eating Chinese food in Nairobi

19. Maasai Mara, Kenya

a giraffe standing in a field
Before TPOL got food poisoning/malaria

20. Amboseli, Kenya 

two lions walking in a dirt field
I telling Ms. TPOL about the water hole.

21. Stone Town, Zanzibar 

boats on the water
TPOL enjoying Park Hyatt life

22. Nungwi, Zanzibar 

a building with umbrellas and palm trees on a beach
TPOL singing, “Miss you miss you baby”

23. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

a group of people outside a building
TPOL living it up at the overnight park bench lounge.

24. Cape Town, South Africa 

a group of sushi rolls
TPOL enjoying Cape Town, home to the world’s best ‘Western’ sushi.

25. Franschhoek, South Africa 

a collage of a man kissing a bottle of wine
TPOOL drinking the Best. Wine. Period.

26. Stellenbosch, South Africa 

a man sitting in a chair with a glass of champagne in front of him
TPOL learning that after indulgence comes over indulgence.

27. Johannesburg, South Africa 

a bottle of wine next to a glass of wine
TPOL Cant.Stop.Drinking.

28. London, England 

a collage of different drinks
TPOL flying LHR-SFO.

29. San Francisco, California

a man and woman standing back to back in front of a building
TPOL imprisoned for this points heist great trip.

30. Scottsdale, Arizona 

a glass with ice and a bottle in it on a table with a flag
And that’s how TPOL moved from Montana to Scottsdale.

The story continues because TPOL Is Moving to Puerto Rico, Effective Immediately.



  1. So was this one crazy booking using ANA miles or something? I’m talking about the part from Montana to South America and on to Africa? I see you used VA coming back

  2. I appreciate your honest tone. A lot of bloggers really make efforts to polish their trip reports to the point that they aren’t relatable to me. When I go somewhere, I like meandering around and then drinking (probably a lot). Not everyday is roses and flowers and hiking and rock climbing.

  3. Nice synopsis. I’m glad you beat the dinosaur. Any idea how the infrastructure problems will affect your new home?

  4. Your excel is awesome! Love the colors!
    I like the way you have the spreadsheet set up.
    I think I am going to use a similar style to track my trips too.

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