TPOL 2016: Make Blogging Great Again


I’m the best at planning trips. I’m the best at taking trips minus the occasional Augardiente incident or visa mishap. I’m also great at humility. Nobody has more humility than I do. What I suck at is finishing the Trip Reports for those misadventures. For awhile now, I have been doing the standard reviews: (Flight, Lounge, and Hotel) in the standard way (here’s a pic of the toilet, here’s a pic of another shower head, here’s me taking a shower on Emirates) because that is the norm in the world of points blogging. Lost in the pile of pillow pics was my personality.

One of my friends said the following about my blog:

Most of your postings make it seem like you are a lonely f!&k. You make lonely sound lonely. Even lonely planet wont include you.

More disturbing were the disgusting comments I received from the basket of deplorables following my CNN Interview with Richard Quest. Unable to please my friend, let alone the points establishment, I, in the words of the other extreme candidate am finally unshackled, free to write about whatever I want.

In order to do this, I’m moving past the boilerplate reviews. They are tedious to write and some are indistinguishable from those that can be found on every other blog. Going forward, I will focus more on what makes travel fun (see TPOL’s Guide to A Night in Shanghai), on hotel reviews that tell a story instead of an infinite scroll of pictures (see The Park Hyatt Sydney and the Case of the Missing Koala), and on what mischief I got into at a lounge or on a plane. (see Fat Guy at the Lounge Part 1 & Part 2 and Emirates A380 Silent Disco!) Of course, if there are exceptional resorts or international flights that warrant a scholarly review, I will post enough pictures of the champagne and caviar to satisfy the points conservatives.

This 2016, let’s make travel and points blogging great again by showcasing the first-class Trump lifestyle even if our taxes reveal a $916,000,000 loss.

Make Trip Reports Great Again with TPOL in 2016!
Make Blogging Great Again with TPOL in 2016!



  1. losses. gains. who cares.

    do what you do because of ~who~ you are. not because of who others want you to be.

    a gazillion jokers give us “and i was upgraded and went to this lounge and ate this and stayed here…”

    zzzzzz. zzzzzzzz.

    unique is where it’s at. go to at. and give me insomnia.

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