Retention Failures


Remember the days of Citi where you could call in and get a retention offer just because it was raining outside? While Citi may still be handing out retention offers like candy, Amex and Chase do not, at least not for me.

Once again, Chase has hit me with the $95 annual fee on the INK and once again I will have to pay for it. There was no option to downgrade and no UR bonus for staying so loyal. The same is true of the British Airways card which I had already planned on cancelling. The offer there was squadoosh.

Amex also showed no love. I was not able to downgrade my Amex Platinum, leading me to close it out completely.

Overall, these retention calls are proving to be a waste of time. At least with Amex and Chase, the banks actually closed the accounts. (see I Thought My Alaska Card Was Cancelled!)

Wishing I wasn't on hold
Wishing I wasn’t on hold


  1. You can definitely downgrade your Ink Card to an Ink Cash cash card (with no annual fee). Depending on your office spend though, the $95 may be worth it.

    • “You” must be the generic you. They won’t let me, as in Alexander, do it. They said the option to downgrade is not available. I could reapply (and get rejected).

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