I Thought My Alaska Card Was Cancelled!


Chat unavailable,” led to a waste of time chat session where the agent told me to call in if I wanted to cancel my BOA Alaska Airlines business and personal card. Per usual, BOA did not offer a retention bonus. Instead, the agent quickly rattled off the terms and conditions before putting me back on hold before connecting me to the business department. From there, I was, once again, not given a retention offer and the same terms were regurgitated. Today, I received a notification that my bill for both cards is coming due. I logged into my account and sure enough both accounts are still open. I dread having to call customer service which is why I wait till I amass errors across multiple accounts before mounting the strength to deal with them. Perhaps this is BOA’s way of keeping me from closing my account.

This sort of thing always makes me worry about other cards that I thought that were cancelled. This is especially true for business cards which have a separate username login. I assume that the card is cancelled but after this BOA apparent mix up I will double check just to be sure.


  1. This exact same thing happened to my mom with her Alaska Air card, and they were reporting her as a delinquent on her credit report for a few months after she closed it. It took a lot of time on the phone to get resolved but they did apologize eventually.

  2. This happened to me last week. I closed two Alaska cards in September and opened one up 3 days later. Last week I got an alert that the payment was due so I had to call to get them to look at it and remove the charges. They did confirm that the cards were closed but didn’t state why there was a charge still going for them.

    I also hear that there is difficulty opening multiple cards in one day now. I used to open two at a time this time my second was denied automatically as a duplicate.

    • oh i missed that part. there’s a certain surprise that i have to throw in there that’s delaying the shipment but it’s headed your way, probably early next week

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