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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Meeting Mins Paying Uncle Sam

Paying taxes is not manufactured spending. The fees of 1.87% are higher than the $4.95 for every $5 required for duck purchases. Regardless, it felt very good to hit so many mins by paying my taxes. I don’t know what I should be more excited about – following the advice of my post End of MS Means Get Your Life Together by growing my consumer protection law practice or hitting the mins on so many credit cards. On behalf of Ms. TPOL and myself, I killed the following spends:

  • Amex Benz: Ms.
  • Iberia: Ms., not mine, I am the only one who got rejected.
  • Chase Ink: Is it Cash or is it Preferred, still working out how I got approved post 5/24 and what card/offer I will have.
  • Hilton Business Card
  • Amex Schwab
  • Chase Freedom: Paypal goes for 5X this quarter

With spends out of the way and the firm growing, 2018 marks the transition from pass through status to C corp 21% status.

How did you fare on this glorious day?



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