Iberia Credit Card App Rejected: As Shocking As MSU’s Loss


Yesterday I wrote about how Iberia does not have a 24 hour cancellation rule. Today, I’m writing about my rejection for Chase’s new Iberia credit card. There was no way of knowing whether the card fell under the 5/24 rule until I pulled the trigger. I received the dreaded ‘we are reviewing your app’ message. I decided to put myself out of my misery by calling Chase recon, a chore that I used to be good at (see Chase Recon: How to Get It Done). Almost immediately, I was told that I was rejected and that the reason was too many inquiries. Like my NCAA pick that MSU would be eliminated by Syracuse/ASU, I was not surprised. Based on my experience, I would say that 5/24 does apply. However, my friend also applied and he was approved. Go figure. And Go Blue!



  1. I’m well over 5/24, but was approved for this card — with a crazy-high credit limit! (Not instantly approved, but noticed it in my accounts when I looked online this morning.)

  2. Out of curiosity, whose links do you use by choice? For instance, I’ll go with a personal referral, then one of TBB, or DOC, or MileNerd. After that it varies a lot.

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