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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Shake Shack: Meh Burger for Me

I watched a segment on Nightline called Shake Shack Restaurateur Eliminates Tipping. As someone who despises tipping (see I’m Not Tipping Uber Either! and Tipping At The Cash Register: Are You Bleeping Kidding?), I rather enjoyed the segment. As someone who enjoys burgers (see Man Vs. Food: The 2 POUND Burger Eating Contest), I was curious about Shake Shack burgers that receive so much hype. I’ve tried 5 Guys and I’ve been to In-N-Out (both the American chain and the Mongolia replica) and still prefer the Home of the Whopper to both of them, especially in Bangkok.

Nevertheless, I thought I would give Shake Shack Scottsdale a try. The place was packed with couples on dates and families out for dinner. I ordered a Shake Stack (a cheeseburger) and a ‘shroom burger with lettuce, tomato, and ShakeSauce along with pitcher of Brooklyn Lager. Both were a mistake. First, a better way of judging the quality of burger would have been to get a plain hamburger. It also would have been much cheaper, $4.59 versus $9.59. Second, fast food and pricey beer don’t go to together. The total for this no-tip meal was $28.

The Verdict

The burger was good but hardly great and definitely not worth the price. Although I had plenty of beer leftover, I was still very hungry. Though I could have had another burger or three, I could not justify the cost. Tip or no tip, Shake Shack is another overhyped burger place that I will not visit again. I’m sure I’ll get grief for it but that’s just the way it is. Some things will never change. a sign on the wall of a restaurant

people in a building with people standing in front of a menua cell phone with a green screen a glass of beer next to a sandwich a burger with lettuce and tomato on a tray

Update: Against my better judgment, I returned one more time to Shake Shack just to be sure. I ordered everything. I stand by my initial opinion: overrated.

a tray of fast food
I say never again, again.





  1. I haven’t tried Shack Shack yet but I find In and Out, Guy Fieri and some others over rated. Sure they are good but not worthy of the hype. It would be like bragging about drinking coffee at Starbucks. Sure it’s good but it’s not THAT good.

        • I’m joking too. It’s a shame that emojis and exclamation points are the only way to convey that. I agree (and wrote) that I should’ve started with just the burger. Also agree it’s better than in-n-out. Still, not going back. Burger King!

  2. Didn’t try the fries? The fries make the meal. And you should just go with a regular burger with 2 patties. Don’t mess with the shroom burger.

  3. My wife and I both felt the same way about the burgers being overrated and we were very disappointed on our 1st visit. However, the shake I got was amazing. So we went back for another shake, and as long as I was there a burger too. Now we keep going back. The burgers are addictive! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I live 10 minutes from one and have many opportunities to go. It helps to go when they’re not so busy. Waiting 20 minutes to get through the line and another 10 for your food doesn’t help the burger to MEAT your expectations…

  4. Agree about shake shack burgers. Nothing special. Taste in burgers can be idiosyncratic, but I like 5 Guys the best. I have a tip next time you are in Paris, though – try Big Fernand.

  5. Look who owns SS and you will understand the hype. Also, valuation on each store was millions of dollars based upon stock shares. I ate there once and the hype tasted better than the burger.

    • Funny! If you click on the nightline link, it shows the guy. Smart man, great no tipping concept, but it’s still just another burger.

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