Hakkasan Vegas: Why I Miss M Life Platinum


I’ve written about the 10 M Life Perks for Non Gamblers in Vegas. That’s when I used to be M Life Platinum courtesy of Hyatt Diamond match. Those days are gone. Instead, Hyatt Globalists (I’m now a lowly Explorist) only get matched to M Life Gold. Like Explorists, Gold members receive some benefits but not the royal treatment. This was the case when a group of us wanted to go to Hakkasan nightclub at the MGM on a Saturday night during March Madness. With the line out the door, the only way in was to grease the bouncer, a practice that is now frowned upon, or try and leverage my gold status.

Surprisingly, the doorman said that a group of guys could skip the line with Gold status. That was the good news. The bad news was that only those with Platinum status were exempt from paying cover. $54 later we got in without waiting. If cover was that much, you can guess how much drinks were.

Or I can show you. Does not include the cash spent!


      • LIV? Admittedly, I’m too old to be a clubber, but outside of clubs, Miami has some good prices. For instance, I ate a multi course Balinese meal downtown for 15 bucks last year. Find that in Manhattan.

  1. Are you currently a Hyatt globalist? or a globalist this past years?

    I matched to Mlife platinum when i was still diamond the year before WOH took place. and have been extended to Mlife plat until september 2018.

  2. The club line skip perk has been really hit and miss at Mlife clubs (though the MGM does not own Hakkasan) as a Plat for skipping the lines over the years. I’m sure occupancy and when you show up has something to do with it, but the only thing that has been 100% successful for not waiting has been bottle service (obviously).

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