Fire Harbaugh, Hire Woodson


Last year I said Harbaugh should be fired. Nobody listened. Instead, I got criticized. Look at the comments in that post. Today, we lost by virtually the same margin to those bloody Buckeyes. That makes Jim 0-5. That’s not good.

Harbaugh can’t win big games. Sure we can beat MSU consistently but they have imploded as a program. Against anyone good, Harbaugh folds. I warned my Michigan friends before Harbaugh came to Michigan that this could be a problem. As the coach of the 49ers, he blew the NFC championship game by having Kaep throw to sorry Crabtree. In the Super Bowl, instead of running it with Gore when they were on the goal line, he chose to throw it again and again. Both games ended in defeat.

That trend continued at Michigan where Harbaugh has not won any big games. He’s only won the ones we are supposed to win and the occasional game against a ranked opponent at home.

Michigan basketball hired Juwan Howard and 7 games into the season that’s looking like the right move (I was skeptical if it were a good hire). Maybe Michigan football could do the same and hire the greatest of all time, Charles Woodson.

Regardless of who’s the next coach, it is clear that Michigan needs new energy. It needs new leadership.

TPOL’s Prediction: Harbaugh doesn’t get fired. He leaves to coach the Cleveland Browns.

An angry Michigan fan.


  1. More likely that Don Brown will go. Buckeyes look like they have absolutely no fear that the defense can stop them. But hey, they did beat ranked Iowa this year.

  2. Harbaugh for life! Love him! 0-5 v OSU. Buckeyes have won 7-8 in AA and 15-16 overall. Being this is a travel blog and I’m a Million Miler/Diamond Medallion with Delta, I will continue to enjoy wearing the scarlet and gray connecting through DTW. O-H-I-O! Go Bucks!

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