Meyer Quits: Michigan Should Fire Harbaugh


I’ve traveled near and far to watch Michigan football. In 2016, I went to the Citrus Bowl to see Michigan beat Florida (see Jet Lagged! The Citrus Bowl Trip Report Debrief). In 2016, I traveled to Columbus to see Michigan lose to Ohio State (see Buckeyes Wolverines: Fourth & Short Trip Report Recap). In 2017, I went to Dallas to see Michigan beat Florida again (see Jerry World: Dallas Trip Report Recap). In 2017, I went to Ann Arbor to see Michigan lose to Ohio State (see Ohio State vs. Michigan: Advanced Ticket Scalping).

This year I skipped the annual beating Ohio State beating and will not be going to the lousy Peach Bowl to play Florida yet again. After last year’s embarrassment in the Outback Bowl, I vowed to stop spending money on a program that consistently underachieves.

Today, the news broke that Urban Meyer is resigning. The headline in Freep is Merry Christmas, Jim Harbaugh! Ohio State’s Urban Meyer is retiring. To that I say, “Bah Humbug.” Michigan has paid Harbaugh millions of dollars to beat Ohio State, something he has failed to do in four years. Now that Meyer is leaving, the program is suddenly hopeful that we can end the losing drought. With Meyer out of the way, that may be more likely. However, why should we overpay to do so? And how can we consider it a triumph if we actually do win? The bully has left the neighborhood not because Debo got knocked the duck out but because of health reasons. That’s hardly a cause for celebration.

Instead of gifting Harbaugh millions for doing something he couldn’t do when it mattered, Michigan should fire Jim and usher in a new era. An era where we take on our nemesis mano-a-mano, not one that is subsidized by the retirement of a coach that owned us for almost a decade.

When was the last time we won in Columbus?


  1. Wow…you are part of the instant gratification crowd, huh? Need something right away. Tom Osborne lost to Oklahoma the first six years he was at Nebraska…glad they didn’t get rid of him while he was building a dynasty and an outstanding career. You have a coach that has kept them pretty much at the top of the championship talk for several years…don’t promote getting rid of him b/c somebody has his number. Be grateful you have a coach that is keeping your team relevant year after year…what are you going to do if a new coach comes in and has a .500 record for the next 3-4 years? Call for their firing as well? People need to stop being greedy.

  2. I agree with your point. And to help expedite the process, I will be in Ann Arbor next October 5 when the mighty Hawkeyes bring Wolverine dreams of an unbeaten season to an early screeching halt.

  3. […] We knew that the playoff semi-final games would be played on Saturday, December 29. One would be the Cotton Bowl here in the Dallas area. We could stay at home for that one, so it was easy. The other would be the Orange Bowl in Miami. There was no way to know for sure which game Notre Dame might play in. [They ended up in Dallas. At the time we made the plans, Miami looked more likely. But that changed when Michigan flopped against Ohio State (again). Sorry, fellow travel blogger TPOL.] […]

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