Sheraton Sanya Resort: Be Quiet! It’s Relaxation Time


The Sheraton Sanya Hotel Review is part of The Year of the Monkey Trip Report which covers the following places:

Sanya is a great place to visit. There’s a superb nightlife (see Sanya! Where to Party Guide) and there are plenty of beautiful beaches. It’s the island’s goal to become the Hawaii of the East. The first night I was at the Four Points near the city center enjoying the big city feel, think Honolulu. The second night I moved to the Sheraton. Now I was beachfront but much more isolated, think Maui? (See Sanya, China: Struggling To Find Where to Stay.)


The best thing about the hotel is the valet. They parked my car in the lobby.

The Hotel Itself

The hotel is massive. The grounds looked like Hawaii.

The Suite

The suite was spacious and cool, a nice retreat from the hot Sanya sun.

The Bath 

I’m not one for sitting in hotel tubs, but it was aesthetically nice and connected to the bedroom.

The Bathroom

Hot shower, that’s my style.

The View 

Easy to see how I could believe I was staying in a Hawaiian paradise.

The Pool

The Hawaii meets jungle theme continued.

The Beach

And now to finally relax on the beach, or at least attempt to do so.

For so few people, the guests that were there were amazingly noisy. It was like I was back at the club. The reason I had left the city center was for peace and quiet. I found none. Any confusion if this was Hawaii or if this was a secluded getaway was destroyed by the rambunctious crowd. And I’m not talking about young spring breakers. I’m talking about a group of old people who did not understand the concept of rest and relaxation. It was nonstop yelling and carrying on.

It wasn’t until sundown that I could unwind.


The Sheraton Sanya is a lovely hotel. I only had one day on the beach so it would be unfair to generalize if Sanya-goers are always annoying or if this was an obnoxious bunch. I can say that the peace and calm was more visually represented than audibly.

The Sheraton Sanya Hotel Review is part of The Year of the Monkey Trip Report.

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