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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Four Points Sanya: Come for the View, Then Leave

The Four Points Sanya Hotel Review is part of The Year of the Monkey Trip Report which covers the following places:

Getting There: From the airport, walk towards the street and take a metered taxi. The ones right outside of the airport are looking to rob tourists.

Sanya hotels are too expensive to spend cash and too cheap to use points. (see my post Struggling to Find Where to Stay in Sanya) My first hotel in Sanya was the Four Point Sheraton. It is a decent value at $80 a night but certainly not worth 7,000 SPG points. Since I was arriving in the evening, I did not mind that the hotel was not located on a nice beach. I was more interested in being close to the nightlife because the next day I had a reservation at the Sheraton Sanya Resort.

The Room 

I was upgraded to a suite with a great view of the bay. Per usual, there was a fruit plate.

2017-01-05 21.25.16 2017-01-05 21.25.31 2017-01-05 21.30.22 2017-01-05 21.25.38 2017-01-05 21.29.21 2017-01-05 21.53.27

The Towel Elephant 

This towel elephant would become a recurring theme throughout the trip.

2017-01-05 21.37.132017-01-05 21.26.39 2017-01-05 21.26.56 2017-01-05 21.26.46 2017-01-05 21.31.39

The Bathroom 

At some point, I have to wonder why I stay at hotels when I do not use the amenities they provide. Check out this bathroom, it’s far superior to most Four Points. 2017-01-05 21.30.45 2017-01-05 21.27.51 2017-01-05 21.27.42 2017-01-05 21.27.33 2017-01-05 21.27.23 2017-01-05 21.27.14 2017-01-05 21.27.04

The Rooftop Bar 

Since I was a platinum guest, I was given two drink tickets (be careful, they are only for Tsingtao beer). It was nice to sit in the balcony and take in Phoenix Island, a man-made archipelago that serves no purpose.

Got into a little bit of a fight with the manager for not being told this was not included.
Got into a little bit of a fight with the manager for not being told this was not included.


This review was quick as was my stay at the Four Points. After a crazy night out, I was up early the next morning headed to the beach.

2017-01-06 12.29.11



  1. Your pictures are pretty good. What do you take them with? I’m a moderately inept photographer, but like to take nice pictures as much as anyone.

  2. Not that I would ever, in my entire life, for any reason whatsoever, not even under duress, go to Sanya, I look forward to your review of nightlife in Sanya. Russian ladies???

    And I believe that Christian is interested in more than your camera.

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