Training for the Tropics: Week 1 Derailed


Bill Pay Sundays: Every Sunday, TPOL peddles for money by promoting products that I use and recommend to my readers. In exchange, I get paid a referral fee. As part of the Training for the Tropics series, I’m pushing the following:

Week 1 did not go smoothly. My trainer put target nutritional goals. To reach them, I had to buy a scale to measure everything I eat. It’s a big pain to input everything in the My Fitness Pal app. The scanner the app uses has yet to work. Impatient, I used the app inconsistently. That makes the whole process useless.

I also started the workouts which require me to record the major lifts. I bought a tripod for my phone and a Bluetooth remote. Setting up the tripod and capturing good videos was also a hassle. More inconvenient, was the inability to listen to music when the video was recording.

I am making negative progress. With 9 more weeks to go, I am hoping this gets easier. Oh, and the beer festival yesterday certainly did not help.


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