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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Refunded! Kathmandu Airport Cash Advance

Do you recall the post, Complaints: How Long Till You Let It Go?? Here’s one I didn’t let go and now can live to tell about it. I was charged a $10 cash advance fee by Citi for using my Prestige at Kathmandu Airport. There was no way of knowing that it would be processed as a cash advance which is why I caution against using credit cards to pay visa fees (see Rainy Season? Visa? Lessons from Travel (ANA Edition)). I tried to deal with the charge when I came home via chat. That did not work. I emailed the office of the president and was surprised when I received a call stating that my request had been received and that Citi would reverse the charge.

Citi and I have come a long way since the days of arbitration (see Beating Citi in Arbitration, What It Means for You).

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