Complaints: How Long Till You Let It Go?


TPOL loves to complain (see Have You Ever Not Complained?). I have a whole category on my blog devoted to complaining. If things do not go smoothly, I will voice my opinion until the situation is rectified. Usually, issues are resolved right away e.g., “Sorry your A/C wasn’t working. We will give you 8,000 points.” Other times, I have to call or email customer service to have the situation escalated. Usually, I receive a response with some sort of solution.

But what about times when nobody responds? Do I just let those go simply because time has passed? Absolutely not. I actually keep a list of offenders and the status of the complaints. Some have been on there for over a year. For example, I’m still waiting for Marriott to help me with the ‘great white scam tour’ the hotel booked (see Ripoff Alert! Great White Cage Diving in South Africa with SharkLady Adventures). When I’m properly caffeinated, I will follow-up again.

Another example is when I was charged for the mini bar when I stayed at the Maxwell Hotel in NYC last year. I was told I would receive a refund and it never came. When I followed up with the hotel, the manager told me to call so he could get my credit card info. Since calling anyone is my least favorite activity, I put it on the back burner. This week I stayed at the hotel despite my previous bad review (see Maxwell NYC: A Du, Du, Dump!) because it was only $97. Five star or 2.5 star, the Maxwell is in an excellent location. When I checked in, I brought up the mini bar issue from last time. I was promptly given a refund for the charge and graciously given complimentary points.

Keeping a list may be petty, but as I’ve learned from my experience as a consumer protection attorney (contact Bachuwa Law if you have a consumer complaint), $5 here and $5 there can add up to quite a bit for big companies when multiplied by a large number of people. That’s why I have no shame in asking for what is rightfully mine and complaining when there’s a valid reason to complain.

Maxwell is off the list. Now for the other twenty offenders…



  1. You’re like the damn Count of Monte Cristo of points bloggers.

    “I actually keep a list of offenders and the status of the complaints.”

  2. I’m on constant alert when staying at hotels with mini-bar sensors. I was over 50% with ghost charges UNTIL i started asking to have them empty the minibar upon check-in. Even if they refuse, I haven’t received a charge since.

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