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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Maxwell NYC: A Du, Du, Dump!

The Maxwell NYC Hotel Review is part of the TPOL in NYC Trip Report.

Judge Smails: You have worn out your welcome, sir!
Czervik: Is that so? Who made you Pope of this dump?
Judge Smails: Bushwood…a “dump”? Well, I’ll guarantee you’ll never be a member here!
Czervik: Are you kidding? You think I’d join this crummy “snobatorium”? Why, this whole place sucks!

And that summarizes my experience at the Maxwell NYC.

But since I have to put a few more words to trigger the SEO greenlight, let me tell you why the Maxwell NYC is a dump. It’s no longer a W. That actually could be a good thing. While some W’s are great (see W St. Petersburg), some are awful (see The W Scottsdale: Too Cool to Care, The W Hollywood: Unwelcome Even on Your Birthday). This hotel was the first W in New York and it shows.a sign on a wall

The Room

Look at this antiquated room. This may be the first HD TV made. a bed with white sheets and pillows in a room a tv and a window with a light on a desk and chair with a phone and a telephone on the wall a bed with white sheets and a poster above it

a shelf with food and drinks
They scrubbed the W off of everything.

The Bathroom

I know it’s NYC, but can I please have some water pressure? And why get rid of the Bliss soaps when the hotel is still next to the Bliss Spa?

a group of small bottles of soap
Pure dump

The Positives 

  • The hotel is centrally located on 50th and Lexington in the middle of Manhattan.
  • The rate when I booked was an affordable $140 a night.
  • The room with no view combined with the curtains allowed me to sleep like a vampire.

    cars on the street
    The Maxwell is located across the street from this classic relic that is sadly closed.


If you’re looking for the W vibe, look elsewhere. But if the price is right and you are in search of a W bed, stay here.

a woman sitting in a chair in a room with tables and chairs


    • I thought I took a pic but it didn’t save. It’s not the roof since I was on a low floor but definitely the HVAC which was loud!

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