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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Amiya: Legit Indian Cuisine in Jersey City

Even with the affordable rate at the Maxwell Hotel NYC, I could not rationalize spending $140 a night for 7 nights. Bachuwa Law may make enough to keep me from MSing, but TPOL is still a cheap SOB. As a result of my frugality, I stayed at a friend’s place in Jersey City, a convenient PATH train away from Manhattan (said jokingly). While I can go on forever about how there should be a faster way to get to Midtown, I can’t complain about the food in Jersey City. My pho experience, though expensive, was positive. The same is true of my experience at Amiya, an Indian restaurant that serves all of TPOL’s favorites. From bullet naan to lamb vindaloo, the food was perfect. The vegetarian biryani was also great as was the masala paneer.

a tall building next to a building
Walking to Amiya
a bowl of food with a spoon
Lamb Vindaloo
a table with plates of food and a fork
Biryani, Bullet Naan, and Masala Paneer

In conclusion, if you aren’t a big baller and have to crash in Jersey City, fear not, there’s great Indian food to keep you happy.

Address: 160 Greene St, Jersey City, NJ 07311


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