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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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‘Please Wait A Minute’: Why Iberia Should Honor Its Offer

By now you’ve read many blog posts about Iberia’s interesting promotion, whereby travelers could earn 90,000 miles for booking 10 trips from Madrid to [INSERT CHEAPEST DESTINATION]. Well, I’ve never been to Seville, but I kinda like the music. Accordingly, I booked 10 flights for $33 each from MAD to SVQ. If things go according to plan, I will have 90k Iberia Avios that I must use before December 1, 2018 when they expire.

Some people have written about why Iberia should honor the promotion. Others have written about why it should not. Others have written about why they did not participate in the promotion.

As usual, TPOL provides his own spin on the situation. I participated in the promotion because I live in Puerto Rico, and I see plenty of availability this summer from SJU to MAD. While everyone is trying to find that Iberia flight from MAD-ORD (which I previously flew for only 25k Avios in business), I will be holding out hope that Iberia credits my account quickly enough that I can make the booking.

This brings me to why Iberia should honor the promotion. It’s not because Bachuwa Law will get after them in NY Small Claims like it did when British tried to mess with me. It’s because I, like many of you, spent so much time booking #ofaat

How many times did you see this?

a man holding a credit card

Unlike the photo, I was not smiling during the process. Countless times, nothing would happen. Initially, I was scared to hit the back button or refresh because I didn’t want a double booking. After staring at the screen for ten minutes, I got over that fear and did so. Sometimes that resolved the problem; other times it did not. Sometimes it would say that the ticket was confirmed right away. Other times, nothing would happen. As I started ticking away the reservations, I began to get nervous that I would not make the June 24th deadline. (What timezone was applicable is another legal issue, but I assumed it was Spain’s.) Finally, after spending the better half of an afternoon on this process, I received confirmation for my 10th flight.

Invalid request error occurred.Now, I will wait and see what Iberia will do.

Disclaimer: If they do not honor the deal, I will not take anyone’s case to small claims. It is a waste of time (see No Justice in Small Claims Court).



  1. Why NY small claims if you live in PR? I took part in this promo for my sister and myself, and based in NY. Would gladly go to court with ya

  2. How about the scammers at Credit Reporting Agencies who mishandled our credit information and when that information was stolen, they tried to sell us extra crappy service? Anything that can be done about them?

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