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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Iberia Business Booked for 25k Avios! Best Deal Ever?

TPOL is a man of superlatives: the best, the greatest, amazing. Wait, so is another individual that will remain unnamed. In keeping with the theme of being obnoxious, I have to share the great news that I booked a business class flight on Iberia from Madrid to Chicago.

A reader reminded me that ‘the deal’ on BA would be sweeter on Iberia because of the reduced fuel surcharges. Luckily, I was still within the 24 hour cancelling window. After two days of trying to get my Avios to transfer from BA to Iberia, it finally worked. I believe I had two problems with my account: 1) It was disabled on Iberia’s end from lack of activity since I had opened it five years. 2) It had a zero balance as a result. I transferred 200 Amex MRs to fix this.

Points in hand, I went to transfer 34k Avios to Iberia but wanted to make sure there was still availability. I found two seats and discovered that the price was only 25.5k Avios per person. Couple this with the savings in fuel surcharges and this has to be the bestest, cheapestest, award ticket ever.

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  1. This is pretty spectacular value for a regular award (albeit off-season), price per mile even better then the DUB/SNN-BOS Aer Lingus hops back before the last devaluation!

      • Off-season is my favorite season!

        I didn’t even know about this special promo running, might try and squeeze a trip with Iberia myself.

        • For coach my benchmark is still the DUB-BOS flight. Can’t go wrong with 12,5k avios and low surcharges (also DUB is a pretty easy spot to get cheap airfare to other spots in Europe or back to the states for under $500). If only they could do something about the weather there…

        • Yeah i havent done that yet. I’m fine with my air france one bc it departs from where I’ll be and takes me to napoli. Sometimes the flights to get to the cheap place to fly from kill the value

        • I know what you mean. Being based in cheap originating market and having a flexible schedule means I can usually find coach fares for marginally more then the surcharges on an award would be in many cases. Gotta really get creative to get a decent value redemption.

        • True statement. When I’m in NY, life is good. When I’m in Montana (dont ask why lol) I’m today.

        • I’m on the other side of the pond (and the curtain as my US friends like to mock), but I’d take Montana over NYC any day. Flying to/from JFK just so I can head north asap :-).

        • Nope, but within their “sphere of influence” and I share the stereotypical accent. My email domain should be a giveaway.

        • It’s on the list. Was supposed to go two years ago before Athens marathon but fog in lhr cost me my flight.

  2. Looks like there is a Valentine’s Day discount of 25% off Avios awards to many off their international destinations. Book from Feb 8-14, travel through June 14th excluding several peak dates. Good for you getting in at just the right booking time. You can figure out a way to thank Lack (& me? 😉 later.

      • Yeah, has to be off peak, and the whole of April is out for several destinations. Here’s the detail:

        San Valentin Fly with a 25% discount in Avios at Valentine’s day

        Surprise your loved one. Enjoy flying with Iberia with a 25% Avios discount when you book your flights between February 8th and 14th and surprise your partner with a trip to any of the following cities:

        • To/From Madrid to Zurich, London, Wien and Moscow between February 8th and June 14th 2017.

        • To/From Madrid to Bogota, Medellin, Johannesburgo, Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Panama, Shanghai, Mexico and Lima between February 8th and 14th June 2017, except Abril.

        • To/From Madrid to Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Havana from May 1st to June 14th 2017.

        Offer valid for new bookings purchased on and Iberia Plus call centers between February 8th and February 14th 2017, both included, to fly exclusively in the dates specified excluding dates in peak periods (From 7-18 April, 21-24 April, 28-29 April, 2-3 May, 6-8 May, 9-12 June 2017).
        Offer valid for direct flights marketed and operated by Iberia. Not valid for flights IB3600-IB3999, IB4XXX, IB5XXX, IB7XXX, IB8XXX

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