Pho Jersey City! Better Than New York City


From Long Island City to Jersey City, I was all over the place on this trip. A new city means a new opportunity to try pho. New York City is by far the worst place in the world for pho. This was my second bowl in the Garden State. I had a bowl in Hoboken which was pretty good minus the name of the restaurant and service.

The name of this place was Saigon Cafe, and is it is located walking distance to the Grove Street Station of the dreaded PATH train.

As usual, I had to start with the summer rolls. Puffy shrimp and fresh ingredients made it quite enjoyable. I did not like that the peanut sauce was served warm.

Now for the main course: The bowl came out, and it was aesthetically pleasing. The meat was the right color pink and the broth was not oily. I sampled the broth and can confidently say that New Jersey is better than New York.*

I added the extras and proceeding to savor each spoonful. Soon thereafter, the bowl was empty.

Though I enjoyed the bowl, I found the restaurant to be expensive. Lunch for two was $40. That’s too expensive for pho and to warrant a return.

*The comparison only relates to pho.



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