BBQ in Long Island City @JohnBrown’s


With a view of the Manhattan skyline from my hotel, you would think that I would be inspired to head to the city for dinner and drinks. On the contrary, seeing the city from a distance made me appreciate how peaceful it is to be in Long Island City. I did not have to deal with the masses of people on the subway, the garbage, the rats, and the hot sun.

After legal fights in Manhattan, the slow life‎ in Long Island was more my speed. Within a few blocks of the Four Points Long Island City is John Brown BBQ, a chill spot that probably belongs in hipster Brooklyn. Customers come in and order at the counter and head to the back to order craft brews before going to the courtyard to feast.

The BBQ was pretty good but does not compare to the ribs in Barbados. The unfiltered beer was an appropriate beverage following a long week in New York Long Island City.


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