Destination Fee Scam: At Least Tell Me the ‘Benefits’


Just when I thought I was done complaining about the Maxwell NYC, I have another one. I received my folio and found a charge for $25, cutely identified as a destination fee for the night I used a stay certificate. I have read about these fees but have yet to be victim of one.

I asked the front desk what the charge was for and if Titaniums were exempt from it. I was told that everyone, no matter if you are a no status newbie or an elite god, will be charged the fee. I was not charged the destination fee for the first night when I paid $97 (the room rate went up to $600 per night the next day).

The destination fee has daily benefits including $30 at the bar or $30 in dry cleaning. Had I known about these benefits, I would have charged the drinks to my room instead of using my card. Instead, I have a bar charge and a destination fee charge totaling $55. Obviously, my next step is to complain.

Destination fees are a scam, but it’s even worse when the ‘benefits’ are not disclosed.


  1. What a racket! $30 bar benefit on a $25 destination fee fee charge is great but they have to tell you about it first! Most properties that charge this scam fee give you worthless benefits that are already covered by the status like WIFI, gym use, etc.

  2. I’d fight harder with them since they made no mention of the fee or the “benefits” of the fee. These bs fees really grind my gears, and more so when you only find out about them while leaving.

  3. Fees are a rip off. At USD 600 a night its hard to believe that the hotel is not making a profit on that room. As a former hotel professional, would rather stay away from a hotel that charges fees. They are an insult to the customer, and to the profession of hospitality

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