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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Stay Certificates: Saving Thousands in NY

Who likes annual fees? After this week, I can say that I do, especially when it comes from my Bonvoy cards. I’ve been in NYC all week as my alter ego, Bachuwa Law, is here on assignment. Due to laziness and convenience, I chose not to stay in Long Island City, the cheapest option for visitors coming to NYC. The problem with convenience is that hotels are outrageously expensive.

For example, the Four Points Midtown was going for $835. The St. Regis was $3500. There’s no rhyme or reason for this pricing. To kick off the trip, I paid $97 for the Maxwell. The next day I used a stay certificate to avoid the $400 room rate. The day after that I used another certificate to avoid the $500 rate. Out of certificates, I burned 35k points versus another $500 fee. My last night, I found a Courtyard in Midtown for $150 and decided to save my points.

Without stay certificates, I would be cash poor or points broke. I will remember this next time my Keep vs. Cancel comes up for this group of cards.

Note: Hyatt’s stay certificate is only for category 1-4 hotels which are not available in Manhattan.



  1. Gild Hall in the financial district (Thompson Hotel now part of World of Hyatt) is a cat 4. I’m staying there this weekend.

    • I forgot to remember that lol. But it’s because it’s not convenient for midtown. I’d rather stay long island city Hyatt House

  2. I still have lots of those stay certificates. Yrs ago I used them at Hyatt GC (and Hyatt Santiago) for $99/night all-in reservations.

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