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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Let’s Zoom Naked

Zoom Naked is part of The Lost & Found Year(s): COVID Trip Report.

How many of you have received the email that says that you have been naughty on your laptop and there is a video of you doing something that you should not be doing? And all it takes to make that go away is paying a few bitcoins. Since nothing has been made public, the transfer must have gone through.

In this COVID nightmare, many of us who work from home can’t be bothered to put on pants (distinguished from Jeffrey Toobin’s situation). Imagine the embarrassment from neglecting to turn off the camera before standing up. Imagine the embarrassment if the meeting was being recorded. Since COVID isn’t going away, it seems like the only way forward is to make pants optional and provide a disclaimer that viewer discretion is advised. The alternative is to take TPOL’s advice and Stop Zoom Calls altogether.

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  1. Or you can just leave your video off. Its what I do on all my google meet / zoom calls.
    PS. I always wear shorts at least while wfh

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