Complaint of the Week: Zoom Calls


I’m fine working remotely and have been living the social distancing life years before this pandemic. I prefer to call it the Willy Wonka life. Now that everyone is living it, I am not enjoying it as much. Here’s why:

First, why is email no longer good enough for communication. More people want to hop on the phone for a ‘quick call,’ but I don’t like talking on the phone even if it’s for a few minutes.

This brings me to point to two: why do calls need a fifteen minute overview on how Covid is affecting that person’s routine and that person’s view on leadership. Obviously, everything is messed up and one idiot is to blame. I’ll let you count backwards from seven until you figure out who that is.

Worse than a call is those who insist on a Zoom video conference. Why do I need to see your face to handle something that could be done over email? Those conferences last even longer than the quick call.

I cannot wait for this pandemic to be over and for the employees to go back into work. They’re not cut out for working online. They belong in the cubicle, virtually and physically far from me.

I’m at the pool. I don’t want to call you, and I don’t want to go on Zoom.

Believe it or not, TPOL isn’t at home. Please leave a message at the beep. I must be out or I’d pick up the phone. Where could I be?


  1. I go to the office everyday. I’m very annoyed that my employees are barely coming in and “working from home.” It’s not like we have cubicles here, everyone has a window office. I refuse to do the video for Zoom/Webex calls. If you want to meet, come meet at my office. I pay for 3 conference rooms in my offices, you can stand on the other end of the room if you’d like.

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